Abbey Thompson - National Junior 25TT Champion

Today I raced at the RTTC national 25 mile championships. We woke up at 5:30 am to get to the race. It wasn’t the  fastest day or course but I managed a 1:12:04. 

Dad and I drove up to Devon yesterday for the national 25 championships. I was about 9 minutes slower than my PB, Although most people were slower than their PBs on todays course. 

It was quite windy in places but it was warm as well.

The girl who started 1 minute before me, I caught 3 miles into the race and stayed ahead of her. 

The only place she usually gains on me is down hills, so I tried to stay away a bit. 

There were some long hills and headwinds , and I slowed down thinking I took a wrong turn but it was half way.

Although there wasn’t much competition, beating someone almost 3 years older is pretty decent so Im pretty happy to have the national champion jersey, hat and medal as well 🙂 

Next to the 25 mile district champs tomorrow 😩

Thanks dad for the pictures! 

And also thanks mum for the pictures taken at home in my New Jersey : )