Course Descriptions


BS/2 (Swaffham - Stradsett - Stoke Ferry - Oxborough - Swaffham)

START at junction of Whitsands Road and Lynn Road in Swaffham, Norfolk. Proceed west on old A47 to join A47 and continue to RAB, take 1st exit and proceed on A1122 to Stradsett X rds. Turn left at X rds. and proceed on A134 to junction to Oxborough, turn left and proceed through Oxborough and Cockley Cley to FINISH at paint mark on road opposite Southlands Estate, Swaffham.

COURSE RECORDS                Matt Bottrill (                                 47:07 (2013)

Lady                                           Rebecca Slack (Look Mum No Hands)                                 56:09 (2013)


BS/5 (Haverhill - Clare - Stradishall Crossroads - Haverhill) (Revised 2006)

START on B1061 at Grampian Foods Social Club car park. . Proceed to Sturmer (Care on narrow and twisting road) where turn left onto A1092 (M) Proceed to Baythorne End where left (M) continuing on A1092 over narrow bridge (be careful of oncoming traffic) to Clare, where turn left at Post Office (M) onto B1063 through High Street where left (M) and continue to follow B1063 to Stradishall crossroads, where left (M) onto A143 past Highpoint Prison to FINISH at road sign 200 yards past A143/B1061 (M) 20 Miles.

COURSE RECORDS Michael Hutchinson (In Gear Quickvit)                        41:44 (2012)

Lady Rebecca Slack (London Dynamo)              49:17 (2012)


BS/13A (Somerleyton Circuit) (25 miles) (Revised 2016)

Start at TP 31 opposite gate on right on St Olaves/Ashby road approx. 1 mile northeast of B1074. Proceed to B1074 at Herringfleet. Left (CARE) via Somerleyton to Blundeston Pond. Sharp left (GREAT CARE) via Lound through Browston to turn left (CARE) at new junction with Beaufort Way onto new Roundabout on A143 Bradwell, turn left (CARE) onto A143 heading St Olaves, then turn left (CARE) onto B1074 to Ashby road junction at top of hill. Repeat one more circuit, after which turn left towards Ashby to FINISH opposite entrance to Blocka Hall Farm approx. 0.25 mile short of start.

COURSE RECORDS Joe Skipper (Team Skipper)              53:25 (2017)

Lady Denise Hurren (Team VeloVelocity)           1:02:59 (2019)

2-up Mark Richards/Harley Matthews (DAP CC)              52:59 (2018)


BS19 (Little Downham - Coveney - Ely - Littleport - Pymoor - Circuit) (Revised 2003)

START at the grassy triangle Townsend near the west end of Main Street (B1411), Little Downham. Head west, bear left into unclassified road (0.3 miles) and follow through Coveney to join the A142 near Wentworth (5.9 miles). Care: busy road. Turn left onto A142, and follow around Witchford and straight on at a RAB to join A10 (9.0 miles). Turn left onto A10 and follow to A1101 at Littleport (14.6 miles). Turn left onto A1101 and follow to B1411 at the Hundred Foot Drain (17.9 miles). Turn left onto B1411 (Care: sharp turn with blocked view to left) and follow to junction with minor road Pymoor lane in Pymoor (22.0 miles). Turn left onto minor road (Care: sharp turn) and follow to outskirts of Little Downham. Immediately after Little Downham sign bear left onto another minor road, Brickkiln Lane, and FINISH where Bield Drove and another farm lane come out on left just before the right hand bend (25.2 miles).

COURSE RECORDS Wojciech Szlachta (Cambridge University CC)                55:08 (2014)

Lady Lucy Charles (Hoddesdon Tri Club)           1:05:43 (2018)


BS/24 (Lavenham - Newton - Hadleigh - Monks Eleigh Circuit) (35km) (Revised 2010)

START on the B1071 by telegraph pole opposite Potland Lane in Lavenham near Church. Proceed south on B1071 towards Sudbury. At the junction with B1115 bear right & continue through Great Waldingfield. At mini RAB take 1st exit (marshall) Valley Road (signposted Great Cornard) and proceed to junction with A134.Turn left (marshall) and proceed on A134 through Newton Green to turn left (marshall) onto A1071. Continue to the Hadleigh bypass where turn left (marshall) onto A1141. At the top of Semer Hill turn left (marshall) continuing on the A1141 through Monks Eleigh proceeding towards Lavenham to FINISH at telegraph pole 04 next to road leading to craft workshops.

COURSE RECORDS Timothy Chilvers (Maldon District CC)             47:52 (2020)

Lady Hayley Simmonds (Team WNT Pro Cycling)             50:52 (2018)


BS/31 (Risby - Flempton - Lackford - Cavenham - Risby) (21 miles approx.) (Revised 2003)

Start in lane out of Risby village to Tuddenham opposite Risby sign. Proceed towards Tuddenham and at first road junction (approx. 1.25 miles) turn left and head south to junction with old A45 where left to Risby, and left through Risby village and thence straight on to junction with A1101 at Flempton where turn left. Proceed north to Lackford where turn left along Icknield Way to junction with lane to Risby/Tuddenham where turn left and proceed south to junction with old A45. Repeat circuit until reaching junction with lane to Risby at Poor Man’s Heath where turn left to FINISH opposite start.

COURSE RECORDS Andy Kennedy (Ipswich BC) 58:24 (2020)

Lady Rosamund Bradbury (Sigma Sports)                                              55:21 (2019)

Medium Gear Boyd Nicholas (West Suffolk Whs)                                               1:00:38 (2019)


BS/33 (Winston - Pettaugh - Ashfield - Occold - Debenham)

START 300 metres Debenham side of Winston Church Lane on B1077. Proceed along B1077 towards Debenham, turn left to Pettaugh (1.3 miles), In Pettaugh turn left onto B1120 (you have right of way). Proceed along A1120 to turn left after seven miles towards Kenton, Bedingfield and Occold. At fifteen miles turn left at junction onto B1077, and proceed along B1077 to FINISH at speed sign at north edge of Debenham (20 miles).

COURSE RECORDS Matthew Smith (Drag2Zero)                41:20 (2020)

Lady Becky Ridge (TPH Racing)                49:25 (2020)

2-Up R.Purbrook (Ful-on-tri), B.Purbrook (Nunn Sigma Sport London) 45:09(2019)



START at the bottom of Silverley Hill on the B1063 between Ashley and Lidgate at the concrete hard standing adjacent to the Agricultural building. Proceed up Silverley Hill and into Ashley, continuing on the same road through Cheveley and on to Newmarket. Immediately after the 30mph sign turn left onto Duchess Drive. Continue on this road through Saxon Street towards Kirtling where turn left (signed Upend and Ashley). Continue through Upend to junction with B1063, turning left to continue past start point. At top of Silverley Hill continue round slight bend to FINISH at driveway approximately 40 yards before Ashley village 30mph signs.



START at lay-by, west of Scoulton, on B1108, proceed west to Carbrooke crossroads, turn left and proceed to Caston T junction. Turn left and proceed through Rocklands to Great Ellingham School crossroads, turn left and proceed to Hingham crossroads. Turn left onto B1108 and proceed to complete first circuit at start point. Complete second circuit to FINISH at point approx. 0.7 miles short of start point.

COURSE RECORDS Lloyd Chapman (Banks/Catford CC) 52:46 (2017)

Lady Emilie Fisher (Orbea) 1:03:36 (2010)

2-up Paul Ashby/Paul Russell (Fat Birds CC) 56:22 (2007)


BS/36 (Ashley - Newmarket - Cowlinge - Stradishall - Lidgate - Ashley Circuit)

START on B1063 in Ashley at junction with Silverley Way, proceed through Cheveley to Newmarket where turn left (3.10 m) onto Duchess Drive and continue on un-numbered road through Saxon Street, Kirtling and Cowlinge to junction with A143 (12.75 m) (care turning on to A road). Turn left onto A143 towards Bury St Edmunds and continue to Stradishall X roads (14.25 m) where turn left onto B1063 through Wickhambrook, Lidgate and Cropley Grove to FINISH at paddock gates at top of hill in Ashley (21 m).



START at paint mark on kerb opposite Southlands Estate, Cockley Cley Rd, Swaffham. Proceed north to crossroads and turn left onto Beachamwell Rd. Proceed through Drymere to turn left to Cockley Cley. Proceed to take 1st turn left and then immediately left and proceed towards Swaffham. Proceed to complete circuit at start point (8.05 miles). Complete another 2 circuits and then continue to FINISH at paint mark on road approx. 0.7 miles from crossroads on Beachamwell Road.



BHC/1 Semer Hill (Suffolk) (500 yards)

START at edge of driveway approx. five yards from electricity pole no 5 at foot of hill. FINISH at gap in hedge just over brow of hill on left.

       COURSE RECORDS      Calum Brown (B38/Underpin Racing)                  39.3 seconds (2017)

Lady                                Samantha Segger (Boxford BC)                54.7 seconds (2015)

Junior                              Fabian Horrocks (Veloschils Interbike RT)                43.9 seconds (2015)

Juvenile                           Frank Longstaff (Colchester Rovers CC)                           46.9 seconds (2014)


BHC/2 Flitcham (Norfolk)

START at field entrance on LEFT side of road A1153, East of Flitcham. Ascend hill to sharp bend in road where fork Left onto unclassified road towards Anmer. Continue to FINISH at highest point of road near narrow track, approx. 200 yards beyond Fork.


BHC/3 Primrose Hill (Moulton, Suffolk) (930 yards)

START on minor road between Moulton and Gazeley. START approx. 50 yards east of Moulton ‘Pack Horse’ bridge adjacent to 30 mph sign. Proceed east for approx. ½ mile to FINISH at top of hill at a point where the road bends left, opposite gap in the right hand hedge.

COURSE RECORDS Max Pendleton (Luton Wheelers)          1 minute 34.2 seconds (1973)


BHC/4 Caistor St Edmund (Norwich) (1200 yards)

START in road leading to Upper Stoke 100 yards from road junction to Poringland at first tree on left by gap in hedge alongside small stream. FINISH at first large oak tree on left past house on right.

COURSE RECORDS Richard Jordan (East Anglian CC)          1 minute 44.2 seconds (1969)


BHC/5 Aylmerton Hill (West Runton, Norfolk) (900 Yards)

START at 30 mph sign at entrance to West Runton. FINISH close to fire hydrant point just before open space on left.

COURSE RECORDS Will Dorsett (North Norfolk Wheelers)       1 minute 45.5 seconds (2009)


BHC/8 Stoke Holy Cross (Norfolk) (0.86 mile)

START in Long Lane at TP48, 20 metres from Main Street. FINISH level with concrete utilities post AV2.

COURSE RECORDS Will Bamber (Cult Racing)                  2 minutes 13.5 seconds (2011)

Lady Kate Lucas (Norwich ABC) 3 minutes 4.9 seconds (2016)

Juv/Jun Tom Power (Strada Sport) 2 minutes 24.8 seconds(2012)

Tricycle Adrian Perkin (Godric CC)                  3 minutes 43.4 seconds (2010)


BHC/9 Cuckoo Lane (Mendham, Suffolk) (400 metres)

START at paint mark on Cuckoo Lane. Proceed up hill to FINISH at paint mark opposite concrete pad on right hand side of road.

COURSE RECORDS Graham Sparkes (Mulbarton VC)                42.8 seconds (2018)

Lady Michelle Sayer (Beccles Tri Club)     1minute 2.3seconds (2020)




WITCHFORD (A142) START on A142 (Witchford by-pass) approx. 0.1 miles east of road sign ‘Witchford Village College’ at mark painted on road and on fence opposite.

FINISH approx. 50 yards before sign ‘Witchford. Weight Limit 7½ tons’ at west end of by-pass (marked on road and on gate post entrance to field same side of road: marks in yellow.



KING’S LYNN (B1145 Gayton Road/Junction A149) START at first drain cover near Hospital roundabout, proceed east to FINISH at yellow paint mark on kerb near Bernard Matthews Feed Mill 46 yards Lynn side of lamp post No 7B near B.T. payphone kiosk.


SOUTH RUNCTON (A10) START in layby 0.5 mile south of Thieves Bridge Road cross-roads (marked with yellow aluminium strip on first full kerbstone, near drain cover in verge). Proceed south towards Downham Market to next layby 0.25 mile north of Shoulder of Mutton junction.

FINISH in layby at point marked with yellow aluminium strip 17 yards north of BT junction box.


WYMONDHAM (B1172) START on B1172 opposite MoT route direction board showing ‘Wymondham/Norwich/Dereham’ and approx. 100 metres northeast of 8th milestone from Norwich. FINISH 4 metres northeast of lamp standard No 86B northeast of 7th milestone and approx 100 metres short of AA phone box.



BRAMFORD (B1113) START in layby north of cross-roads at south side of broken white line in line with telegraph post.  Proceed north to FINISH between 3rd and 4th cats-eye past common sign 10 inches before drain marked on road M/M.


BURY ST EDMUNDS (A134) START at yellow mark on kerb approx. 20 yards south of last house in Sicklesmere Road on A134 Bury to Sudbury road. Proceed south to FINISH at yellow mark on kerb approx. 1.5 yards past front door of Grove Cottage on opposite side of road.


CLAYDON (old A140) START at south side of 6th milestone on old Ipswich - Norwich road (A140) AT Claydon. Proceed towards Ipswich to FINISH in line with south wall of house past bridge to Barham picnic area marked on road M/M.


BUNGAY (A143) START at paint mark on kerb on south side of A143 west of junction with Broad Street (A144), 17 metres east of lamp post no 818 & 10.6 metres west of drain. Proceed west to FINISH at blue paint mark 55 metres west of sign ‘Topcroft/Denton/Earsham Hall’ opposite.