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Early last year CTT launched the first of our time-trialling community surveys.

The first survey, designed by CTT Director Dawn Sherrin, was aimed at our rider community. We enjoyed an above industry standard expected response and from that and the specific rider comments, we’ve been able to set about implementing change.

“The survey and specifically the comments from the survey are a truly valuable source of insight and information and aren’t just comment or rhetoric, there have been ideas and suggestions.”

Dawn continues “The CTT Board are committed to using the outputs from the survey to help shape the future direction of the sport and to positively drive improvements. Seeking out the views of our riders is an important step in this process of making changes in our sport and adapting to the changing times ahead of us.”

From this survey, our riders identified several areas where we could provide improvements and additional value. Many of these were progressed through the TT Working Group, some requiring approval at our AGM National Council in December 2022. Additional improvements will be coming online as the season progresses. Watch this space, so to speak!

Ours is a sport with a 100 years old history and rich heritage, a volunteer-led organisation that provides the most accessible way into competitive cycling for anyone. The implementation of Road Bikes as a separate machine category with separate results and achievement recognition in all our events protects this accessibility for future years. We are back to the future.

Andrea Parish

Cycling Time Trials are excited to announce that for 2023 a road bike category will be recognised across all open time trials, making time trialling more accessible to everyone whatever type of bike they own.

Machine type 
Riders will be asked when entering a time trial which machine they intend to ride on - Road Bike or TT Bike.

If for any reason a rider needs to ride on a different type of bike than they entered, they just need to let the organiser know on the day so that the results can be recorded correctly.

Start lists and results
Start lists and results on the CTT website will show who is on a road bike, with the results being filterable to show the road bike standings and positions for every race. For team time trials the results can be filtered to show which teams were all riding road bikes.

The rules 
The road bike category has a consistent and simple set of rules nationwide:
• The road bike can possess drop or straight handlebars
• No tri-bars, clip-on bars or Spinacci bars are allowed
• No disc wheels
• Both front & rear wheels must have at least 12 spokes each
• The maximum rim depth allowed is 90mm

Results & Rankings
The new road bike category is also supported by time trial results app ResultSheet (resultsheet.co.uk), which will allow riders to access road bike standings in real-time for events where it is being used.

Spindata (spindata.co.uk) will be introducing a new road bike rankings list to recognise the performances of those competing on road bikes, filterable by gender, age category, and district.

Results for road bikes will be scored separately from TT bikes to more accurately reflect the performance of those on road bikes, and predicted times will also take the type of bike into account where possible.

For more information you can download Rider-specific notes here | 01. Road Bike Notes for Riders.

Our extensive Road Bike Launch Newsletter can be found here | 2023 Road Bike Launch | NEWSLETTER